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October 3, 2019

VOICETALK features two legendary 19th century schools of singing as represented in the scientific perspective of Manuel García and the empiricism of Francesco Lamperti. To understand their principles is to know the root of all vocal instruction.
— Daniel Shigo

Originally a column in VOICEPrints–The Official Journal of the New York Singing Teachers Association, VOICETALK was created in December 2009 on Blogger to continue the founding editor’s passion for historical vocal pedagogy. After nearly 10 years, VOICETALK was migrated to Squarespace, giving readers greater access to VOICETALK’s resources and the platform’s beautiful aesthetic.

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VOICETALK was migrated to Squarespace with over 925,000 readers. A huge thank you to everyone for their comments, correspondence, and commitment to the traditions and teachings of legendary singing artists and teachers.

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